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Asphalt Sealer Comparison

For many years Coal Tar Sealer has been the most common method of sealing asphalt pavement. Recently there has been a great deal of research into new, and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, products to use for sealcoating such as Asphalt Based Emulsion sealants.

The EPA believes that coal tar sealers may run off into our water sewage systems where they deteriorate and can cause Ground Water Pollution. Because of this they are encouraging States to Ban Coal Tar Sealants. Several States have already banned their use. Michigan has several counties, and entities such as University of Michigan, that have banned Coal Tar use at their properties. Van Buren Township has recently banned the use of all asphalt sealants containing coal tar.


Coal Tar Sealants are incredibly high in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs. PAHs are of concern because many of these compounds have been identified as Toxic, Mutagenic, Teratogenic (causing birth defects) and/or probable Human Carcinogens. Coal Tar sealants contain 1000 times more PAHs then Asphalt Based Sealants. Studies show up to 50-75% of all PAHs found in sediments within the Great Lakes region comes from Coal Tar Sealcoat.

PAHs from Coal Tar Sealcoat are released into the environment in several ways. When applied, these compounds volatilize into the air, affecting air quality. As the coal tar sealcoating weathers, dust from the pavement makes its way into homes on shoes and clothing. When it rains loose particles move into the soils, storm water catch basins, lakes and rivers.

Coal-Tar vapor exposure is unsafe for not only the person applying it, but, can be harmful to you, your children, and pets. Coal Tar Vapors linger and can continue causing harm long after the sealcoating is applied.


Aquatic Health Impacts

In rivers and lakes PAHs are found primarily in the sediments. Organisms that spend part or all of their life cycle in contact with the sediments can experience adverse effects due to exposure to elevated concentrations of PAHs. Affected organisms include mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and plants. Studies have linked PAH exposure in aquatic animals to stunted growth, reduced reproduction, difficulty swimming, liver problems, altered development, immune system impairment and death.

Human Health Problems

For someone who spends a lifetime living adjacently to Coal Tar sealcoated pavement, the average excess Cancer Risk is estimated to be 38 times higher than the urban background exposure. Much of the risk occurs during childhood. Children that play on or near those surfaces are therefore more likely to play or ingest PAHs associated with Coal Tar Sealants. This is also true as to the particles tracked into homes and deposited onto carpeting where children and pets play.

We offer your alternative to Coal Tar Sealants!

We have partnered up with Masterseal, a nationally recognized manufacturer of asphalt based sealants. This is a COMPLETELY COAL TAR FREE SEALCOAT. This product that is being used by States, Counties, Townships, and other organizations that have banned coal tar sealcoating. The product that we at Tuff Coat emits no obnoxious odors and contains NO COAL TAR. This is an ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY reinforced asphalt emulsion pavement sealant blended with special surfactants for superior adhesion, flexibility and durability. Masterseal is ideal for protecting all types of asphalt pavement surfaces such as commercial parking lots and residential driveways.


We are committed to being Coal Tar Free.

We purchase special formulated semi tankers of this Environmentally Friendly sealant.

Be sure that the contractor that you choose is 100% dedicated to being coal tar free!

Editorial: Ann Arbor joins VBT, Scio in banning coal tar sealants

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